I’m truly grateful to Jessica and my fellow Superwomen cohorts. I was going through a self-reorg and needed some guidance — a place to start. Jessica not only provided me with great insights, she asked the tough questions that I was unwilling or unable to ask myself. The women in my group were amazing and supportive. Superwoman Academy has given me the tools and a support system to continue my journey to becoming a Superwoman.
— Tracey Lam, APR
I am constantly impressed by Jessica’s work with the Superwoman Project - she leads with compassion, grace, and intention. Her approach in coaching me for a recent salary negotiation was holistic, emotionally intelligent, self-aware, and ignited a strong confidence in me. I couldn’t have asked for a more productive coaching session! I highly recommend her training programs, coaching, and the annual Summit. All are incredibly well organized and welcoming; building a community of like-minded, empowered women. Can’t wait to continue building my Superwoman tribe!!
— Maya Krolikowski